PAKRI Science and Industrial Park, locating in City of Paldiski, announced 2,1 million euro profit in year 2013, and plans to invest it into smart greentech sector companies testing and production environment.

All companies, who are developing or producing energy and greentech products or services are welcome to make practical proposals how to build up PAKRI’s innovative test and production environment.

PAKRI Science and Industrial Park’s CEO Enn Laansoo, Jr. said that since 2007 a lot of work has been done for building up regions best conditions in Paldiski for progressive and innovative energy and greentech companies. Now there is also enough power in our testing and production centre to bring together with companies new greentech products into market.

“So far PAKRI has been operating in 5000m2 building complex. Right away we will open another ca 5500m2 complex in the port of Paldiski for our new clients. Parks zoning will get the approval during this year, what also means the beginning of construction in our synergic environment. We wish that right from the beginning of the construction, energy and greentech companies from Estonia and other regions will say concretely, what facilities their products need for testing and production” said Laansoo, Jr.

PAKRI’s experience shows that popular topics in economy, like energy efficiency, effective use of renewable energy, storing and the use of it are related with risk and ignorance by consumers.

“City of Paldiski has superb geographical and logistical advantages to find solutions for testing and production. PAKRI is ready to invest together with companies into great ideas and into building up the testing and production polygon, where companies can do their research and development, practical tests and calculations for getting proof for their ideas” added Laansoo, Jr.

PAKRI Science and Industrial Park covers ca 60-hectare territory in City of Paldiski. Park provides for the companies testing, production and commercial facilities and business development services for R&D or export support. PAKRI’s vision is to become Northern European leading competence centre in energy and greentech sector by 2020. The realization of the vision is done in very close co-operation with Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol.



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Enn Laansoo, Jr.

CEO, Chairman of the Board

Tel: +3725216858




PAKRI Science and Industrial Park (PAKRI) concept was worked out in the City of Paldiski on 2007 and since 2008 is one of the priority projects of Harju County’s development strategy for 2025. PAKRI offers all needed infrastructure and services for energy and greentech sector companies, supporting trough synergy companies’ sustainable development and R&D. All new buildings will be developed according to maximum energy efficiency and working environment will support workforce productivity. PAKRI Science and Industrial Park’s vision is to become the leading competence centre in Northern Europe in renewable energy, energy efficiency in housing, energy storing and smart grid solutions by 2020. More information:

Tallinn Science Park TEHNOPOL is a science and business environment for knowledge based companies in Estonian capital city. Today TEHNOPOL hosts over 150 companies around Tallinn University of Technology and IT College, its Start-up Incubator helps to boost new and innovative business ideas. Since 2014 TEHNOPOL has taken greentech sector as one of the priority focus areas, drawing up a unique environment consisting of researchers, students, international and local businesses as well as start-up companies. More information:

City of Paldiski has been attractive destination for investments for centuries. Very good geographical location and existing infrastructure will give competitive advantages for the city, giving the City of Paldiski the highest development potential in Estonia and Northern Europe. Region development is supported by strong co-operation between existing companies and municipality, who offers favourable climate for business development. More information and