The construction of the first closed electricity distribution networks in Estonia started in PAKRI Science and Industry Park

Today, the cornerstone of the construction of Estonia's first closed electricity distribution network in Paldiski was laid. The rising electricity network of Pakri Science and Industry Park will enable up to 10 MW of consumption capacity when the first stage of...

PAKRI Smart Industrial City’s newest perspective views

A new stage in the development of the greenfield of PAKRI Smart Industrial City will soon begin, and here you can find newest perspective views.  

Metalwork is fine art – from certificates to custom work

Hoffmann Metall OÜ was the first company to move to PAKRI Science and Industrial Park's building complex nr 3 (Tallinna mnt 31) almost 3 years ago, started production and still is successfully operating The main activity of the company is the production of various...

3D houses are being printed with the help of robots in PAKRI Science and Industry Park and the region’s economy is recovering

Ekotekt company, which designs and builds houses with the help of a large-scale 3D robot printer, moved recently to PAKRI Science and Industry Park. Ekotekt uses oil shale ash in construction instead of cement, which means that houses are erected with a significantly...

PAKRI – synergy for greentech companies

PAKRI Smart Industrial City

Peter the Great himself was one of the first to recognize the strategic value of Pakri peninsula. He knew its location would soon be the heart of Northern Europe, and in 1724 he ordered the construction of a lighthouse.

Today, nearly 300 years later, PAKRI Smart Industrial City is Northern Europe’s most progressive greentech manufacturing center. We are constructing a 75MW renewable power network, which combined with our smart grid enables total control of energy prices. Our risk tolerance is higher than other industrial parks in the region: We actively test client products when needed, and purchase them as well. We also value clients’ by-products on-site.

With 60 hectares of privately-owned space, access to more than 300 government-owned hectares, and a partnership with Tehnopol, the region’s top science park, we are a greentech community capable of offering true partnerships to like-minded manufacturers.

“PAKRI- synergy for greentech companies”

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