PAKRI Science and Industrial Park offers the following services:

  • Business incubation
  • Initial market research and market-entry consultations
  • Business accommodations under flexible conditions
  • Assistance with administrative procedures and legal matters
  • Mentoring and consulting
  • Help finding onsite representatives and personnel
  • Creation of development strategies and tactics
  • Development of services, products, or business models
  • Finding business partners in Estonia and abroad, in both private- and public sectors
  • Finding finances
  • Assistance in marketing, sales, and PR
  • Cooperation in sector-based networks
  • International cooperation networks
  • In addition, we offer a global network for our clients (see list of our partners and networks)


Boost your business via PAKRI’s:

  • 70+ loyal customers
  • 30+ seminars per year
  • 600+ seminar participants per year
  • 200+ beneficial contacts per year
  • 200+ coaching hours per year
  • 2,000+ technology news per year

PAKRI is developed and offers services in close co-operation with the Tallinn Science Park, Tehnopol, providing one of Northern-Europe’s strongest greentech business environments for knowledge-based companies.

Tehnopol is a science and business environment for knowledge-based companies. Today, it hosts more than 200 companies, including Tallinn University of Technology and the IT College. It was established in 2004 by the Estonian Government, the City of Tallinn, and Tallinn Technical University.

Tehnopol provides a unique set of value-adding business development services, a convenient infrastructure, as well as international cooperation opportunities for companies. Tehnopol’s Startup Incubator helps boost new and innovative business ideas.


Tehnopol’s mission

Tehnopol supports the implementation of new and prospective technologies to accelerate the growth of technology-based companies.


Tehnopol’s vision

Tallinn Science Park, Tehnopol, is a center for technology-based companies in Estonia that brings together science and entrepreneurship.


Tehnopol at glance

  • 200+ companies operating in park
  • 160+ business service client companies
  • 25+ startup companies in Startup Incubator
  • 3,500 client workers
  • 14,000 students and over 1,300 researchers nearby
  • 55,000m² of office, laboratory, and leisure space
  • 5 active science R&D centers

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