PRESS RELEASE: PAKRI Science and Industrial Park in City of Paldiski, Estonia and Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol signed a cooperation agreement under which both parties start developing specialized services for renewable energy companies. In addition, the collaboration contains the establishment of the PAKRI competence centre for renewable energy.

“PAKRI opened the doors for the first clients in July and now we want to develop also special services, what encourage our businesses growth” said the manager of the development process Enn Laansoo, Jr, CEO and member of the board, NN Arendus Ltd.

“Executable services will help businesses to grow faster, to start their export and to find suitable staff and experts,” added Laansoo.

Alar Tamkivi, member of the board, Tehnopol said that the two-year cooperation with PAKRI has concrete results already, which is evidenced by the customer and knowledge concentration into the City of Paldiski.

“We have more than 150 technology companies in Tehnopol, to whom we have provided services for the last nine years. We have experience in the field of information technology, electronics, biotechnology and mechanics, which can now also transferred to PAKRI energy and renewable energy sector companies,” added Tamkivi.

The PAKRI Science and Industrial Park business model was developed in 2007. In cooperation with Tehnopol the more detailed business plan was composed, the first partners involved and moved towards finding a key customer.

PAKRI Science and Industrial Park (PAKRI) concept was worked out in the City of Paldiski on 2007 and since 2008 is one of the priority projects of Harju County’s development strategy for 2025. PAKRI offers all needed infrastructure and services for renewable energy sector companies, supporting trough synergy companies’ sustainable development and R&D. All new buildings will be developed according to maximum energy efficiency and working environment will support workforce productivity. More information:

Tallinn Science Park TEHNOPOL ( is a business environment for knowledge based companies in Estonian capital city. Today TEHNOPOL hosts over 150 companies around Tallinn University of Technology, its Startup Incubator helps to boost new and innovative business ideas. TEHNOPOL draws up a unique environment consisting of researchers, students, international and local businesses as well as startup companies. More information:

City of Paldiski has been attractive destination for investments for centuries. Very good geographical location and existing infrastructure will give competitive advantages for the city, giving the City of Paldiski the highest business development potential in Estonia and Northern Europe. Region development is supported by strong co-operation between existing companies and municipality, who offers favourable climate for business development. More information and


More information:

Enn Laansoo, Jr.

PAKRI Science and Industrial Park, CEO and member of the board



Martin Goroško

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, marketing manager