Today, the cornerstone of the construction of Estonia’s first closed electricity distribution network in Paldiski was laid. The rising electricity network of Pakri Science and Industry Park will enable up to 10 MW of consumption capacity when the first stage of construction is completed and connect 10 MW of renewable energy production to the network.

The closed electricity distribution network to be built will unite the industrial building complexes of PAKRI Science and Industry Park and the production of renewable energy into one whole, creating competitive advantages for the existing and future customers of the industrial park. “The possibility to use up to 50% of local renewable energy and the ability to offer better-than-market electricity prices to energy-hungry customers are strong arguments,” emphasized Enn Laansoo, Jr., head of PAKRI Science and Industry Park, who has been developing the industrial park since 2007.

“7 smaller computer parks operated here, which used renewable energy and whose residual heat we have valued when heating buildings. We are ready to accept immediately a data center with a capacity requirement of more than 10 MW. For a new customer building a facility with such capacity would mean a construction period of at least 1.5 years, and with us it would be a pure time saving. In addition, we could offer a more favorable electricity price to large consumers, “added Laansoo.

“We have thoroughly planned the construction of the closed distribution network and today we are describing the conditions of the new concept in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Competition Authority, Elektrilevi and Elering. We will soon be ready to share with customers and receive from them the first kilowatt-hours in our distribution network, “said Marti Laidre, CEO of Pakri Energia.

“The construction of such a site in Paldiski proves once again that our municipality is a very good destination for business. With the help of more environmentally friendly renewable energy and a more favorable electricity price, we are able to make the companies operating here even more competitive,” noted Jaanus Saat, the mayor of Lääne-Harju municipality.

PAKRI Science and Industry Park has 70 hectares of uniquely smart industrial city under constant construction. Today, 29 production companies operate on more than 20,000 square meters of production space and in the development and testing area, and in cooperation with Tehnopol, support services are offered to more than 35 customers of green technology business services. In the park renewable energy is generated by solar cells and a small windmill.

For the third year in a row, PAKRI holds the silver level quality label of a responsible company, being the first responsible industrial park in Estonia.

In the photo: Enn Laansoo, CEO of PAKRI Science and Industry Park, Jr. (left) and Jaanus Saat, mayor of Lääne-Harju municipality.