Paldiski is an excellent example of cooperation between the state, local government and business. Please join us at the conference in Paldiski to share thoughts and opinions how we can grow even further.

9.30 Morning coffee

10.00 Introduction by moderators Marti Hääl & Lauri Tankler

10.05 Opening address by the governor of the Lääne-Harju Municipality Jaanus Saat

10.20 I SESSION: Paldiski – successful in trialogue
Paldiski today – an excellent example of cooperation between the state, local government and business. 
Paldiski in the future – how to proceed?

10.20 How to create a favorable economic environment outside bigger cities? Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, Kadri Simson

10.35 The role of the Parliament in entrepreneurship. Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia), Sven Sester

10.50 The entrepreneur, the local government and the state – innovation is made in cooperation. CEO of the Port of Tallinn & the Vice Chairman of the Council in the Estonian Employers’ Confederation, Valdo Kalm

11.05 Increasing shareholders’ profit by area marketing. PR expert, Aune Past

11.20 Panel discussion

12.00 Coffee break

12.15 II SESSION: Learning from the best – the achievements of harbor cities
Cluster-based industrial development is the key for success as the speakers share their stories. In the panel we discuss the Baltic Sea Industrial Hubs.               

12.15 Finnish Ambassador to Estonia Kirsti Narinen 

12.20 Mayor of Hamina, Hannu Muhonen (Finland)

12.35 The experience of Port Zeeland in building and servicing offshore wind farms. Commercial Manager of North Sea Port, Peter Geertse (Netherlands)

12.50 Decision-making criteria of an industrial investor.  Dr. Markus Wellmann, Senior Consultant of PM&Partner Marketing Consulting Gmbh (Germany)

13.05 Paldiski as the developing hub of Logistics and Industrial development. Entrepreneur & business expert, Raivo Vare

13.20 Panel discussion

13.50 Fueling the ideas

14.15 III SESSION: Paldiski 330 – sparkling enough?
Stating the obvious: industrial policy supports economic success. But how? We’ll hear views from the Government and the business leaders, can we match the opinions?

14.15 Principles of the industry policy in Estonia. Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, Urve Palo

14.30 Attracting the Big Fish – is it only a private sector’s task? Chairman of the Supervisory Board in Pakri Science and Industrial Park & Partner in Callisto, Sandor Liive

14.45 Opportunities in renewable energy for Paldiski in the Baltic Sea Region.  CEO of Nelja Energia AS & Estonian Wind Power Association, Martin Kruus

15.00 Shaping the next 100 years of the Estonian entrepreneurial scenery.  Director of Trade Development Agency at Enterprise Estonia, Tanel Rebane

15.15 Paldiski 330 – Baltic Sea Industrial Hub. Owner of Alexela Group, Heiti Hääl

15.30 Panel discussion

16.00 Selfie-time in the greenery

16.30 Dinner and good company

18.30 Safe travels and see you again!