Blockhive Chief Strategic Officer Kazuteru Arimura was interviewed by Geenius, Estonia’s largest online technology news site this week about the company’s upcoming projects.

He shared the company’s plan to open a mining facility on October 20th in Pakri Smart Industrial City 50 minutes (47 km) by car from Tallinn, Estonia’s capital.

Arimura also mentioned eesty, a smart wallet built on blockchain that enables users to manage their digital money and assets at their fingertips. More details and unique features will be officially released in the near future, he said.

Part of blockhive’s name is taken from the word “beehive” with an image of everyone come together, collaborate and flourish. What blockhive seeks to achieve is to create a network of partnerships and projects built on blockchain, a decentralized database.

“blockchive is a platform, or you can think of us as an accelerator. We want to create an ecosystem where all the partners can prosper, ” Arimura said.

Arimura also talked about why he and his partner Hikaru Kusaka decided to start their company in Estonia. The country embraces technology like no others have in a way that reduces inefficiency, and with e-Residency that goes beyond the physical borders, its potential is tremendous, he said.