Thank you for accepting our call and sharing information about the best available production facilities in Harju County – 1EUR / min PAKRI Science and Industry Park.

If we sign a lease agreement with a person who has arrived at PAKRI on your recommendation, we will thank you with 500 euros.

How do you get the promised prize belonging to you with all justification?

Go to PAKRI Science and Industry Park FB’s website:

Look up the “Share information and get a bonus” campaign post and tag yourself there with a comment. Sharing and liking are also welcome, so that the necessary information reaches the businesses looking for rental space.

Or send us a hint of those who might be interested.

If we have a contract and a new tenant in the rental premises, we will let you know how you get your bonus. Of course, we keep everyone else in the information box, but the details of the bonus transfer are between you and us, right!

Feel free to share information and come to get your bonus!