City of Paldiski

City of Paldiski and the region of PAKRI has been an attractive target for investment over the centuries.

The region of PAKRI (approximately 600 kilometers) provides at least 10,000MW of new wind turbine and attractive sun-power potential. PAKRI is located only 45 minutes from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and is close to 2 large and deep non-freezing ports. There is comfortable access to airport, railway and highways.

Within 50km there is a large enough workforce with a variety of skills to suit every company’s needs.

The City of Paldiski and real estate developers are working together to build new homes and living areas for our clients’ workers. PAKRI also has one residential development in the pipe-line, approximately 8ha of land for a smart village for about 500 residents.

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Municipality of Paldiski