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PAKRI Science and Industrial Park (PAKRI) is focusing today on the main greentech sector global challenges and innovation: renewable energy, energy in housing, smart grid, smart-city, energy storing, electrical vehicles and green fuel. PAKRI is the competence, R&D, manufacturing and testing center, where companies and universities work together to bring out the best synergy and innovation for the greentech sector.

PAKRI unites larger synergy between greentech Science Park, PAKRI Smart-City, PAKRI Smart-Grid, technology test-bed and green working environment.

PAKRI Science and Industrial Park is one of the priority projects in Harju County, the largest county in Estonia. PAKRI Smart-City uses tomorrows energy efficient and smart-technologies and embraces ca 60ha, PAKRI Smart-Grid is one of the largest autonomous renewable energy smart-grid’s in Northern-Europe.


The concept and business plan of PAKRI Science and Industrial Park was developed in 2007. Since then the most suitable location for the PAKRI was chosen and PAKRI Smart-City zoning started (please see City of Paldiski). The partner Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol (the home for Skype, Transwerwise, Crystalsol, IoT Technologies, Unipallet etc please see Tehnopol), for every day park operation was chosen.

PAKRI is PPP- privately owned science park, working very closely with public/governmental organizations partnership.

Active search on the innovational clients has been the main focus since the first day and since 2012 the first ca 5 000m2 building complex was opened. In the end of 2014 park had 10 manufacturing companies, 20 service clients and two building complexes with the total room area of ca 14 000m2.

Today, after 7 years, PAKRI has strong business plan, financial structure, covers ca 60 hectare of good location land (with potential to increase the size for 2-3 times) and strong competitive advantage- own autonomous ca 25 MW renewable energy smart-grid with energy storing solution (please see Energy Grid), what uses energy from own ca 18 MW wind park, ca 3-6 MW solar park and biomass chp. Innovative energy grid solution, what gives additionally the best opportunity for our clients to test new technology.


PAKRI Science and Industrial Park vision is to become the leading Northern-European competence center by 2020 in the fields of:

1. Renewable energy

  • wind energy
  • solar energy
  • thermal energy
  • biomass energy
  • technology certification

2. Energy in housing, smart-house, smart-city, smart-environment

  • construction material testing
  • social planning aspects
  • material R&D

3. Renewable energy grid integration

  • smart-grid technology
  • renewable energy grid integration

4. Energy storing

  • new energy storing technology R&D
  • technology testing and certification

5. Electrical vehicles, alternative green fuel

  • electrical vehicles charging station solutions and R&D
  • battery systems and energy usage R&D
  • new green fuels



The name PAKRI has two meanings:

1)   Pakri peninsula in the City of Paldiski with its beautiful nature is the place where PAKRI locates and

2)   PAKRI is also acronym with changing meaning in time. Today PAKRI means Pakri Attracts Knowledge-intensive Renewable Industry.



More about PAKRI’s synergy- SERVICES, INVESTING, SALES and LEASING information, please contact with us:

e-mail: info (at) or phone: +372 5216 858


“PAKRI- synergy for greentech companies”


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