The green energy community leader PAKRI Science and Industrial Park has opened a 10 MW power and 3 km closed distribution network that allows customers to offer a cheaper electricity price than the general network.

“Since 2007, PAKRI has created a unique environment in the city of Paldiski where we offer locally produced renewable energy – both heat and electricity – to local green technology companies,” said PAKRI Science and Industrial Park founder Enn Laansoo Jr.

According to Laansoo, the rapid rise in electricity prices and uncertainty about supply raises questions for many companies about how to ensure the sustainability of production. Investing in alternative energy sources can be very expensive. Therefore, PAKRI offers energy-intensive green technology companies the opportunity to choose a location for production where a renewable energy-based network has already been built.

“We have now built Estonia’s largest closed distribution network with energy storage capability, which allows companies operating here to achieve significant energy cost savings,” emphasized Laansoo Jr. The completed closed distribution network is one of the most powerful in Estonia at 10 MW. There is also readiness to increase it six-fold.

The closed distribution network is connected to a previously completed 1 MW solar park, 6 MW capacity parks under construction, and the installation of the first 0.4 MWh storage station, which helps reduce the environmental footprint of PAKRI customers and mitigate peak electricity prices with the support of energy storage.

Laansoo sees great potential for green hydrogen production, testing new technologies, and creating synergy between green technology companies at PAKRI Science and Industrial Park. Last autumn, PAKRI Science and Industrial Park launched a green fund aimed at smart manufacturing companies operating in the green technology sector, with the aim of investing in environmentally sustainable and responsible manufacturing companies. The first investment was made for bringing ELMO remote-controlled electric vehicles to the streets.

PAKRI Science and Industrial Park is located less than 50 km from Tallinn and has 70 hectares of continuously expanding uniquely smart industrial city and a closed distribution network with 10 MW power in development. Today, nearly 35 manufacturing companies operate in over 20,000 square meters of different production spaces and development and testing areas, and with the support of the science and business park Tehnopol, over 35 green technology business service customers are offered support services.

PAKRI has had the Responsible Company Silver Quality Label since 2017, making it the first responsible industrial park in Estonia and also being selected as the 2018 Environmental Company of the Year.