PAKRI Science and Industrial Park offers testing and manufacturing space in two building complexes, in a very good location 45min from Tallinn, energy efficient and with good price range.

Kivi str 2/Peetri str 16 (building complex nr 2): rooms with 50m2, 200m2, 350m2, 490m2, 800m2, 1600m2, 2000m2, 2500m2 ja kuni 4000m2

Kivi str 12 (building complex nr 1): rooms with 20m2, 50m2, 100m2, 400m2, 900m2


Very good location:

1) KIVI str 2: 45 minutes from Tallinn, 50 meters from Northern Port and railway

2) KIVI TN 12: 45 minutes from Tallinn, 300 meters from Northern Port and railway


Security: 24/7 security guards and video surveillance, fenced


Workforce: PAKRI has different skilled workers information base for our clients


The size of the rooms: rooms separately from 45m2 up tp 1700m2. In addition outside loading and easily possible to increase the buildings size up to 12 000m2. Very good room program, what enables to connect different rooms and fulfill even the most demanding clients needs.


Price range:

1) KIVI str 2: starting from 1,5eur/m2 up to 2,9eur/m2+vat, depending on the size of the room, equipment, contract period etc.

2) KIVI str 12: starting from 2,3eur/m2 up to 3,5eur/m2+vat, depending on the size of the room, equipment, contract period etc.


Equipment and devices: 2x2000kg cranes, 3x500kg cranes, handloaders, compressed air, wood workshop equipment


Modern communications:

1) KIVI str 2: 800A electricity (easily also 1000A, 2x440KW power station in the complex), led-lamps, compressed air, autonomous heating system

2) KIVI str 12: 400A electricity (power station in the complex), compressed air, ventilation, autonomous heating system


Office space with furniture: renovated, meeting room, leisure rooms, kitchen with personal cook


Synergy and supportive services:

Existing clients today in the building complexes: energy efficient wooden house element manufacutrer, solar-panel retailer, wind turbine manufacturer, from used seacontainers energy efficient home manufacturer; sport-arena manufacturer, metal works, electrical product, wooden work, plastic detail manufacturer

Business development services, please see SERVICES


Future possibilities: PAKRI Science and Industrial Park will embraces up to 60ha area in City of Paldiski (construction starts 2016), what will be synergistic Smart-City and stable environment for your companies growth, R&D and your workers. More information: PAKRI Smart-City


Pictures about the complexes:










More leasing information:

Enn Laansoo, Jr.

CEO, Chairman of the board

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tel: +372 5216 858