Hoffmann Metall OÜ was the first company to move to PAKRI Science and Industrial Park’s building complex nr 3 (Tallinna mnt 31) almost 3 years ago, started production and still is successfully operating

The main activity of the company is the production of various metal structures, but also laser cutting, sheet metal products. “When we moved to PAKRI, we slightly changed our activities. Here we can build and finish the surfaces so that we can do most of the work related to the orders ourselves, from start to finish. For example, on the other side of the production room comes a 170 meter long powder coating line. This enables us to paint the products immediately and it gives us confidence in doing things exactly the way they should be done. We are responsible for fulfilling the order from start to finish with our guts,” says Tarmo Tõntson, Member of the Management Board of Hoffmann Metall OÜ.

The recent virus outbreak has affected the number of orders to some extent, but there is enough work still. According to Tarmo, currently all the work can be done with 3-5 men. “This way we can manage well and don’t have to bring welders from Ukraine, because in the end it won’t be significantly cheaper,” he noted, adding that employees can be found from nearby areas, for example, for some larger orders, local Paldiski residents can be a good help for a couple of weeks.

Metal structures are mainly produced for companies – construction companies, furniture manufacturers. However, if a private individual needs a new sauna heater, it is also worth contacting Hoffmann Metall, other companies operating in PAKRI Science and Industry Park are also our grateful customers. “A business customer usually knows what he wants to order. He sends the drawings and if we reach an agreement on the price, the work starts,” Tarmo said.

According to him, metalwork is a well-regulated area. Once a year, the auditor checks if everything is being done correctly and if the papers are in order: “You must have all certificates, for example, to sell products to a construction site. When we buy a new device, we have to describe it in our production process, this requires a separate paper. Certificates are also needed for exports. ”Currently almost half of the company’s production is exported, mainly to Scandinavia.”

Tarmo thinks that one company cannot do all the work in the world anyway, it is better to specialize in certain products. When is Hoffmann Metall expected to expand? “I can’t say the exact time, but we work for it every day,” Tarmo noted.